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Placer Creditors Bureau, a division of Credit Bureau of Placer County, Inc., began collection operations in 1925 and since that time has grown to become one of the most effective, client-sensitive agencies in Northern California. We recognize that in order to achieve long-term success in the collection industry, an agency must build long-term quality partnerships with its clients. Placer Creditors Bureau has proven to do just that by providing a personalized service that tailors to each individual client’s needs. Here at Placer Creditors Bureau we possess a positive company culture and strong commitment to using an advanced system of skip tracing and collection techniques.

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Placer Creditors Bureau

$ Serving the Sacramento Area Since 1925
$ Locally owned and operated
$ Specializing in Medical, Dental, Retail and Commercial accounts
$ NSF check recovery
$ Agency attorney with complete legal staff
$ Competitive pricing
$ Professional management with over 25 years of collection experience
$ No out of pocket expenses – No Collection, No Fees!
$ Reporting collection accounts to all national credit bureaus